Pop goes Froggio Review

Another game from Hasbro – Pop Goes Froggio RRP £14.99

This game is aged 3+, my daughter absolutely loves this game.

In the box you have a lillypad flower center unit with a spinner on and pictures.  Attached to this is a foot pump.  There are lillypads with animal pictures on corresponding to the pictures on the flower unit and a light weight Froggio which sits on the top of the flower.

The aim of the game is to collect the lillypads and the person with the most wins.  The lillypads are placed animal picture side down around the room.  People take turns each to spin the spinner and whichever animal it lands on this is the animal you have to search for by turning over the lillypads.  Whoever finds the animal runs to the flower unit and stamps on the foot pump which makes Froggio jump from the flower, that person then tries to catch him.  If he is caught the lillypad is kept, if not the lillipad is placed back on the floor animal side down.  The person with the most lillypads when they are all collected is the winner.

My 3 year old daughter loves this game however she finds it a little difficult co-ordinating herself quick enough to catch Froggio.  We change to game slightly so that she stamps on the foot pump to make Froggio jump and I catch Froggio.  She gets really excited when I catch him and finds it ever so funny if I fail to catch him.