Update on the Graco Nautilus 1-2-3

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.
We have been giving the Car Seat a chance, using it on a daily basis.
My daughter is now 2 and loves her car seat. The cup holder holds her dummy, her comfort blanket and when empty her juice bottle. She isn’t really interested in the secret side compartments unless she loses something in them. I can still say that I am really impressed with how easy it is to get the covers off to wash following a few nappy accidents and putting them back on is so easy.
As they advertise this car seat from a young age I would expect the tilt to be greater than it is, to stop your childs head tipping forward when they are asleep. When my daughter falls asleep her head always slumps forward in this car seat. I wonder whether they should put the age start from 3 or 4.