Lifes ups and downs

Well you just don’t know what will happen in life until it happens.

It is now July 2014, in the last 2 years I have Lost my Dad to motor neuron disease, lost both of my elderly dogs and moved house another 2 times with another move coming shortly.

My girls are now aged 6 and 5, they have coped really well with all of the changes.  My eldest has just finished Year 1 and my youngest has just finished in Reception.  My youngest was unable to start school in Scotland until August this year, moving back to England she was the correct age to start school straight away.  She has taken the transition really well and is progressing brilliantly with her phonics and is so eager to learn.  She can’t wait to start in Year 1.  I want them both to enjoy their summer holidays and not think about school.

I am hoping life will provide me with alot more ups than downs.

Here’s to the future and more reviews.