Num Noms Series 2 Mystery Pots review

We were out shopping at the weekend and we spotted Num Noms Series 2 Mystery Pots

The Series 2 Num Noms are a new batch of characters and smells. 

They consist of a choice from Brunch Nums, Pizza Nums, Diner Food Nums, Sushi Nums, Frezzie Pop Nums, Fair Food Nums, Cupcake Nums, Ice Cream Nums and Jelly Bean Nums.

The Noms (the part inside the Num) with this series can either be a stamp-it Nom, Gloss Up Nom or Erase it Nom.

The girls really wanted to do another review for you, we hope you like it.


Num Noms Series 1 Mystery Pots and Series 2 starter packs Review (Win 2 mystery pots)

I asked my children if they would like to review Num Noms and the were so excited they said yes straight away.

What are Num Noms? the Num top part is a hollowed out plastic character which is scented and the Nom part is a lidded plastic pot which has scented flavoured lip gloss in. The Num sits on top of the Nom.

The Mystery Pots retail at £3.00 each and the starter packs in this review are £9.00 each.  There are over 5000 scent combinations by stacking them on top of each other you get can create recipe combinations.

This is the childrens first video review and they had lots of practise before the final recording.  

They opened the Series 1 Mystery Pots which have a scented Num and a Lip Gloss Nom.


Gemma opened the Series 2 Freezie Pops and Amy opened the Series 2 Brunch bunch.



Here is their review we hope you like it and don’t find it too long.

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Hello sorry I have been quiet again.

Life has its ups and downs, busy and quiet times.  Times to evaluate and ponder, times to feel unwell and times to rejoice.

For the last year and a half I have been having digestive trouble, tests, anxiety issues and CBT.  With all of this I keep on going day to day. Dropping and picking up children from school, shopping and running the business. Some days are more difficult than others and I have needed to ask for support from friends.

I wanted to let you into my life a little as I would like to start reaching out to people with similar problems.  I have discovered there are a lot of foods I can’t eat due to having an allergy to Rapeseed Oil.  I also struggle with any member of the nightshade family of fruit and vegetables.

Rapeseed Oil is being added to lots of cakes, biscuits, sauces, soups, savoury snacks, crisps (cooked in) and breadcrumbs.  Its cheaper to use and can be heated to a higher temperature than other oils.  I have to check the ingredients of everything I buy now.  I have found also I can only consume Jasmine Rice and the only potatoes I can manage are desiree (other potatoes give me tummy ache and insomnia).

My anxiety is worse some days than others but that depends on what I have eaten and if my tummy is happy.

Apparently our tummy’s are linked to our happiness, if your tummy is unhappy it doesn’t transmit happy hormones to your brain.  If you are anxious this sends upset messages to your tummy.  Its a circle.

My plan is to try and avoid the foods that cause me trouble and take up Yoga/ Pilates and see if it makes a difference in my tummy emotions.

I would love to hear from you if you suffer from Rapeseed Oil allergy and Nightshade family trouble.  If you know anyone having any digestive trouble please pass on this information, it took me over a year to realise my allergy.  Companies don’t tell you they are changing the ingredients they just do it.