Num Noms Lights Series 1 Mystery Pot Review

Num Noms Lights

Num Noms lights are new with Noms that light up.   The Nom has a cute bow button on the top to turn the light on and off.  When its on it flashes alternative colours.


The Num Noms Lights Series 1 comprise of Snow Cone Nums, Gummy Nums and Freezie Pop Nums with 10 different Light-Up Noms.

The children opened 1 mystery box each and here is what they got.  The left picture is unlit and the right it lit.


To their amazement they both got the same Num (Madelyn Mango) and Noms (Raspberry Light-up, these are slightly different in colour, one is lighter).

Here is the childrens unboxing video


We received these free to review.

Num Noms series 3 Lunchbox and Series 3.1 Mystery Pot Review

Num Noms Series 3 Lunchbox

Series 3 has introduced us to lots of new designs,  there are Fruit Nums, Donut Nums, Veggie Nums, Marshmallow Nums, Candy Nums, Fiesta Food Nums, Erase-it Noms, 2 flavoured Gloss-up Noms and more Stamp it Noms.

The Lunchbox is made of cardboard with a clear front panel so you can see what you have inside.  The carry handle is made from plastic in the shape of a spoon.


In the Lunchbox you get, Maya Mallow, Softy Mallow, CC Candy, Sugar Stripes, Swirls Lolly, Crystal W Berry, Bunny Carrot, Piney Apple, Eda Mama (with 2 peas which are Pea and Pod Erase-It Noms).  There is also Blueberry Stamp-It Nom and a mystery Num.  The Mystery one is Coolie Cucumber which is a special edition.



The children also opened a Series 3.1 Mystery pot, inside is Coco Cali Num with a 2 flavoured Cucumber Melon Gloss-up Nom.


Here is the unboxing video for the Lunchbox and mystery pot


The children really love these new NumNoms with eye catching designs and all the different smells.


We received these packs free to review.