Sunny and Foal – BABY born® (Zapf Creation) Review

BABY born® is the wonderful world of children’s make believe.  They are celebrating 25 years this year and have introduced a number of new toys to their collection.

Sunny and Foal Interactive, Baby Born Interactive, Interactive Wonderland Dragon, clothing and other accessories.  All of which can be found here:

Sunny and Foal are interactive and retail at £49.99


If you press the left ear of the Mummy horse with the white mane, she starts walking. If you press the right ear she starts neighing and calling for her foal.

The foal can walk by the mums side using clever magnets inside the legs.  Sunny and her baby love to cuddle. When they give each other a kiss, so when their mouths touch, they make kissing sounds, which show how much they love each other.

BABY born® is just crazy about horses and totally excited about the fact, that Sunny now has a baby. With a pink tack she can accompany them on their ride.

The children have had great fun playing with Sunny and Foal, I even caught their Christmas Elf visitor having a ride.


Mummy horse requires batteries which are included.

I have a set of Sunny and Foal to giveaway, if you would like to win use the rafflecopter widget below, the prize will be sent directly from the Promoter.

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I was sent Sunny and Foal for free to review.


  1. I had a doll and called her hellen , there was litle recoreds you put in her back to make her laugh , cry , sing and drinking sounds , i tuck helen everywhere

  2. I had a little doll I named Hilda after a coronation street character. It didn’t do anything just an ordinary doll but it had tanned skin just like me and I loved it.

  3. I had a bear that I used to sleep on and I thought I could hear his heartbeat, I didn’t know then that was just my pulse! Cute though x

  4. I used to play with two dolls, Johnny and Susie and my mum kept them in the loft and they are still okay now so my daughter plays with them :-). They have yellow eyes now but are fine other than that lol

  5. I loved my sindy doll and her horse. I was horse mad and I used to enjoy making jumps for sindy and Champion the wonder horse to jump. I’ve still got sindy but Champion got broken years ago.

  6. I loved my baby born doll when I was a child, my four year old daughter now has a baby born doll and would absolutely love these to go with her xxx

  7. Ahhhh my favourites when I was little were my Polly Pockets! <3 I wish I still had all my old toys from my childhood for my little girl, but unfortunately my mum threw them all out! waahh

  8. My favourite toy was a mermaid barbie doll that had colour changing streaks in her hair – i loved her hehe 🙂 FANTASTIC prize! fingers and toes crossed! x

  9. My favourite toy was my teddy bear. She was one of those old fashioned bears with jointed arms and legs, and when you tilted her backwards she gave out a fairly realistic growl. Unfortunately she was given to charity when I was a teenager (without my permission!) which is a shame as I’d love to still have her.

  10. I had a puppy soft dog.i got him when I was around 5 or 6and I’m now 43 and i still have him,he is missing a nose and his white fluff on his chest is a bit bitty but I love him and hes mine

  11. my favourite toy as a child was a womble teddy called granny, i took her everywhere and was never seen without her.

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