Baby Annabel Baby Brother Review

We were lucky to receive this lovely Baby Annabel Baby Brother Doll to review.  My daughter age 7 couldn’t wait to get him out of his box.


He comes with a bib, bottle, dummy and necklace.
Baby Annabel Baby Brother has lifelike functions.  He responds to touches, can cry real tears and loves his bottle.
From the moment of putting his batteries in and turning him on, he started making baby sounds, they sound so cute and are not too loud, we have had baby dolls in the past and I couldn’t wait for them to be turned off.
If you gently rock him he will close his eyes and fall asleep and starts to snore.  When he wakes up you can give him his bottle filled with water,  the water goes into a tank at the back of the dolls head which is used to make him cry real tears (this version of the doll does not wet its nappy).
You can touch/caress his cheeks and he will make cute happy babbling sounds.
My daughter found that he is alot of fun with feeding and crying, although when she put him on her shoulder to pat his back and burp him she got a wet shoulder as the water came out of the eyes even when he wasn’t crying.
I hope you have found this review helpful.
We received Baby Annabel Baby Brother free for reviewing.