Num Noms Series 1 Mystery Pots and Series 2 starter packs Review (Win 2 mystery pots)

I asked my children if they would like to review Num Noms and the were so excited they said yes straight away.

What are Num Noms? the Num top part is a hollowed out plastic character which is scented and the Nom part is a lidded plastic pot which has scented flavoured lip gloss in. The Num sits on top of the Nom.

The Mystery Pots retail at £3.00 each and the starter packs in this review are £9.00 each.  There are over 5000 scent combinations by stacking them on top of each other you get can create recipe combinations.

This is the childrens first video review and they had lots of practise before the final recording.  

They opened the Series 1 Mystery Pots which have a scented Num and a Lip Gloss Nom.


Gemma opened the Series 2 Freezie Pops and Amy opened the Series 2 Brunch bunch.



Here is their review we hope you like it and don’t find it too long.

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  1. My grand-daughter,she has collected Shopkins for years and I know she will love these so much more.They're cuter,smell gorgeopus and lots to collect.Move over Shopkins,there's a new kid in town x

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